Managed Services

What Are Managed Services?

Wikipedia defines Managed Services as “the practice of transferring day-to-day relatedmanagement responsibility as a strategic methodfor improved effective and efficient operations inclusive of Production Support and lifecycle build/maintenance activities.”

Key Benefits of Managed Services

  • Reduces costs, including traditional service fees, hardware, IT operations, and transport
  • Eases adoption of new business processes
  • Increases levels of support and network availability without additional staff
  • Makes the IT budget more stable and predictable
  • Provides access to the latest technology with limited risk
  • Provides access to an enhanced skills base
  • Makes it easier to adapt to changing business conditions

How will managed services benefit your business:
  • Reduce costs compared to internally managed Satellite Networks Building and maintaining a Satellite Network often costs more than companies estimate because of the hidden costs of support, maintenance, repair, configuration, and downtime.
  • Increase reliability and guarantee SLAs
  • Terrace Projects is able to deliver higher availability levels than possible in most Government Satellite Networks because of our 24- hour operations, sophisticated troubleshooting resources, and experience in network design.
  • Terrace Projects assumes responsibility for the onsite management of customer equipment, both mobile and fixed.
  • Terrace Projects uses advanced planning and analysis tools to design and deploy Satellite Networks according to accepted best practices.