Telecom Operators

Convergence – Shifting Strategies

The evolution to a converged world has put Telecom Operators under increasing market and competitive pressure. Responding to these pressures requires solutions that enable a decreased time to market for newer, differentiated services while increasing customer service and focus. At the same time costs must be lowered and shareholder demands for increased value must be met. This combination can be very difficult to resolve.

These requirements are impacting traditional business models and challenging carriers to ask themselves:

  • What are our core areas?
  • What is of strategic importance?

It was once thought that the answer was the network. But convergence is shifting this strategic importance to the actual services provided in today’s dynamic market and to being proactive to market demands. This shift in strategy now includes an area once thought impossible to consider – Outsourcing of the network. The possibilities of outsourcing partnerships are exciting and have proven to be an important tool for business transformation.

Terrace Projects Managed Satellite Services can assist by making this sometimes complex and difficult transformation, easier. Working with a Terrace Projects and outsourcing all or part of your satellite network planning, implementation and management, the transition to the new infrastructure can occur quickly and efficiently and with reduced risk.