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The Expanding Role of the Network in Government

The mandate to “do more with less” has Government striving for ways to enhance productivity. By opting for a Managed Service, Government Departments can realise an immediate boost in productivity, which translates to improved service to citizens, without sacrificing data integrity or network security.

To effectively deliver on their mandate, Government needs:

  • Integrated internal and external business processes
  • Up-to-the-minute access to critical information required for informed decision making
  • Flexible processes that can adapt dynamically to changes in any political climate

Meeting these challenges requires a fast, reliable, and secure network. However, maintaining the network requires regular, ongoing investments in infrastructure and staff training. Many of the Government Departments find it too expensive to keep up with new technologies—or simply prefer to devote resources to their core mandate rather than ongoing network management.

Terrace Projects Managed Services can bridge the gap by giving Government access to leading network technologies and management expertise without requiring high initial capital expenditures (CapEx) or ongoing investments in technology upgrades.